Baakoegærja mij guarkoe maam datne ohtseminie.

(... jïh mobïjletelefovnesne jåhta!)

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  • Antonsen, Lene, Trond Trosterud, Maja Kappfjell, Sissel Jåma, Toini Bergström and Marit Fjellheim 2009-2022: Nedtedigibaakoeh. Åarjelsaemien-daaroen-åarjelsaemien baakoegærja. Tromsø, UiT. URL:


Everything here is based on open-source tools and free to use. Visit Giellatekno's website for information on how to get access to lexicon files, and morphological and syntactic analyzers.

Linguistic basis

Write what you wish, and the dictionary will analyze it to break apart compound words and find base forms.

→ «manai» V Ind Prt Sg1
→ «mannat»
→ gå, dra, reise

Source material

sma ↔ nob

The dictionaries for South Saami and Norwegian build on material prepared by Albert Jåma and Tove Brustad in the Hemnes Saami Organization, but has in addition gained words from Giellatekno and Aajege's work with the Southern Sámi Oahpa.

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